Initial, Colby and you may Jerri did actually have some biochemistry

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Initial, Colby and you may Jerri did actually have some biochemistry

Though there was suspicion you to definitely Jerri got ulterior objectives. After Maralyn’s worst abilities at third Immune protection system Issue, Colby chosen the remainder of their group and you may got rid of this lady. skout price Just after losing its 3rd successive Defense mechanisms Difficulties, Jerri boldly alienated Tina and you will Keith by stating that Colby, Amber, and you will Mitchell had been her family unit members. Which motion triggered Tina to ask Colby their opinion out of Jerri, slowly broaching the topic of voting together with them. Colby failed to must vote having Keith, who had been part of the target next Tribal Council. He bonded that have Keith and you may noticed him due to the fact an important friend getting later from the video game thereby you to night Colby chosen having Tina and Keith to make a tie in Ogakor. Due to the fact Mitchell had been administered a past choose in the last Tribal Council, he was eliminated. Shortly after Ogakor’s around three-day Disease fighting capability profitable move, most of the four leftover Ogakors remained intact through to the combine. Colby turned into certainly one of ten castaways to had been the newest matched Barramundi group.

Because of Ogakor’s plan to generate Kucha trust he had received early in the day ballots shed up against him, the competitor Kucha tribe cast the four ballots to have your from the new combine. Colby got the rear of his Ogakor comrades and all sorts of him or her voted for Kucha associate Jeff Varner. Immediately following a deadlocked wrap, early in the day ballots was basically taken into consideration. When you are Colby didn’t come with earlier ballots, Varner currently got several (away from Debb Eaton and you will Kimmi Kappenberg), so it caused Varner’s ouster. Donaldson perform afterwards end up being a force to get reckoned which have, successful 7 of latest ten demands, when you find yourself their center alliance out-of Tina and you will Keith had voted the fresh new competition out of, thus making the fresh trio due to the fact finally three castaways. Colby’s effective streak besides spared your out of treatment also produced a critical choice off bringing sometimes Tina otherwise Keith so you’re able to the last Tribal Council. Even in the event he consider Keith would-be simpler to beat, he felt that Tina are more worthy, delivering Keith towards the jury.

At the Latest Tribal Council, Colby’s decision of getting Tina is actually thought by fans due to the fact good big mistake, and that has been generally believed to have rates him the crowd, while the five of one’s eight jury users gave their ballots so you can Tina, and come up with the woman another Sole Survivor and you may making Colby since the runner-upwards.


Colby try selected to sign up Survivor: All-Famous people, in which he had been towards the Mogo Mogo group. Immediately, Colby informed his tribe which he did not trust individuals. The tribe came in 2nd in the first a couple Immunity system Challenges, even so they experienced a setback whenever Jenna Morasca stop the game adopting the first couple of Tribal Councils.

Immediately following a surprising tribe intake, the tribe attained former Saboga users Ethan Zohn and you can Jerri Manthey. Colby preferred the idea of having an old winner to your his group to focus on, and then he along with preferred being reunited together with his previous Australian continent tribemate in the Jerri. Brand new group forgotten the second Immune system Challenge, and additionally they unanimously agreed to choose away Richard Hatch, just who Colby don’t desire to to partner with because of their reputation and you will shortage of trust. Their comments at this Tribal Council away from specific participants coasting, and you will a follow up talk having Shii Ann Huang, burdened his reference to the girl.

Voting Record

The fresh new group eventually shed next Defense mechanisms Challenge, plus it is actually obvious it was possibly Colby, Ethan, otherwise Jerri heading family next. Colby made a take on Ethan one to Jerri had to wade second, and the several shed its votes on her, just like the remainder of the tribe thought Colby just like the a robust, bodily hazard in the probability of an use. In addition, Jerri is determined because of the payback just like the Colby had chosen this lady out in their original seasons. Lex finished up siding with Jerri and you will Shii Ann since Colby is voted call at an effective step 3-dos vote and you can finished in twelfth place.